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 Employer Testimonials

You may ask, why should my staff get qualified? The answer is simple. Forward thinking employers now work with training providers to offer skills development opportunities for their employees. Strange as it may seem in the current economic climate, many employers do not recognise the importance of supporting their staff to develop their skills and the benefits it can bring to their business as a whole. But just a minute, surely in business we must do everything we can to improve performance and remain competitive. To address this need, Licensed2Train Ltd can deliver training and learning in your workplace to benefit staff who will gain an appropriate workplace qualification, which in turn will improve customer satisfaction and the overall performance of your business, leading to more profit and customer loyalty.

If this sounds appealing to your and you would like more information or just want to discuss the range of qualifications which are available from Licensed2train, then please get in touch.

Cafe Verte Ltd.

Licensed2Train has provided the business with a range of Apprenticeship Standard qualifications to support our staff to develop their skills and Apprenticeships help you to grow your own workforce talent, reduce staff turnover and give your business the skills it needs to succeed.

Atlas Cleaning Ltd.

Ian Smith, is the Regional Business Development Director for Atlas Cleaning. He recently achieved a Level 5 NVQ in Management alongside other members of his team who have achieved; Cleaning Support L2, Team Leading L2, Management L3 and Management L5. This has resulted in a more effective and efficient team. To further improve the business, Ian developed and implemented a CPD for his staff with the focus on his customers.

Atlas Cleaning - Staff CPD Programme

CPD activity


Atlas Cleaning plans to deliver a series of CPD programmes of learning that would benefit both us as an employer and our employees by gaining a Nationally recognised qualification and also, importantly our customers who will notice a positive difference.

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